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    Re: Round 4 - Reaches?

    First, IMO the term "reach" has to be defined or else the whole conversation deals with a fan's emotional response to whether he or she "liked" the pick or not v. any kind of analytical assessment. There's another thread (How'd we do, or something similar) where a many-page discussion wages on over whether or not the Ravens administration were "panicked" or not during the draft. The term creates an emotion that is tough to quantify, so the debate becomes almost moot.

    Second, IMHO, while I really respect and enjoy reading the opinions of others on how these guys will turn out, their being a reach can't be certain for a bunch more months.

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    Re: Round 4 - Reaches?

    "Reach" is a relative team, depending on the person viewing the draft pick. Just as "steal" is on the opposite side of the coin. "How could we reach for that guy in the 2nd round, but at least we got a steal in the 5th." Keep in mind that none of these picks has played a single down in the NFL yet. It's really all for amusement value, just like mock drafts are... Bc

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    Re: Round 4 - Reaches?

    It's a bit absurd for arm-chair GM's to be "grading" a draft and declaring winners and losers before players even play one snap. Sure, do it in a year or two, but if the bloggers and commentators knew more than the GM's, they would be employed by the team, and not talking about what other people are doing. You draft who you think can help your team, not who's rated highest by some arbitrary people.

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    Re: Round 4 - Reaches?

    It is hard to say if a pick is a reach or not. People assume that a pick is a reach because the team could have waited to draft the same player. But what we will never know is if another team would have scooped up that player shortly thereafter. Reach is a media term based on their projections. The media does not have scouts that attend Delaware games so they are not going to have an interior Oline guy slated to go high. Nor are they going to have a safety from a small school slated to go high either.

    The only think that really matters is how these guys turn out. Really need Osmele, Gradkowski and Upshaw to become starters this year or next.


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