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Thread: How did we do?

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    How did we do?

    Now that the draft is over for us, how does everyone feel that we've done? Did we cover all of the bases, did we fill our needs with good value and quality players, if so who are they and why? Most importantly though, have we improved as a team and bettered our chances of repeating another Super Bowl Run in 2112 and beyond?

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    Re: How did we do?

    I like but if you were to look into our war room, the fun is just starting.
    There are/will be phone calls, offers, negotiations going on like crazy with the free agent frenzy about to start. I am sure there is a want list prioritized and divided between leaders. work will continue probably for a couple of hours more.... so waiting to see the big picture of how we do.

    I will be relying heaviny on here to get the news of who we "sign"
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    Re: How did we do?

    Courtney Upshaw is exactly the type of OLB that the Ravens were looking for. What they are looking for is someone who can set the edge, the way that Jarret Johnson did, but who can take better advantage of the one-on-one opportunities from playing opposite Terrell Suggs. They have not and do not mind developing a player's coverage abilities. At that position, at the most, Upshaw will be asked to drop into a zone.

    Osemele seems like he was in a bunch with Silatolu and Brooks, all athletic freaks with edge who are very raw. However, I think the Ravens were looking for more edge out of that spot. If there has been one knock of Ben Grubbs, over the years, it has been that he lacks the sort of mean streak that Baltimore looks for in their linemen.

    Bernard Pierce is the first RB with legitimate breakaway speed that the Ravens have had in a while. The closest that they have had since Jamal in his prime, was Willis McGahee. He seems to be a very good fit for their scheme. What will be most important for the coaching staff, in reference to Pierce, is to make sure that he remains patient. If he does, behind Vontae Leach, he could do some damage and eventually become the starter.

    Gino Gradkowski fell into a great situation. He gets to learn behind Matt Birk for a year, with a good chance to see playing time as well. I would be surprised if Matt Birk made it through the entire season.

    As for the later rounds, I get the feeling that there were a few WRs they wanted, but weren't able to get. Their late fourth round pick and their fifth round pick were both compensatory picks. They couldn't trade them.

    I reserve judgment on Tommy Streeter. The one guy that I would like to see them get as an UDFA is Dale Moss (WR), but there is no doubt that Streeter has 'potential' in this system. I am just not convinced that he will reach it.
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    Re: How did we do?


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    Re: How did we do?

    The two spots were they lost players with the most impact (OLB,OG) were taken care in the first two picks with players who could potentially start right away so that's an accomplishment by itself.

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    Re: How did we do?

    two starters in Upshaw and Osemele for more for 2013 in at safety and an intriguing project at receiver.....I don't know anything about the RB they drafted as they don't show a lot of Temple games out here in Texas....

    I look forward to see who they sign as UDFA's.....

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    Re: How did we do?

    Dont like upshaw much, and im not sure he even sees the field much. I think kruger is better right now and earned a shot and kindle was/maybe still is a better edge rusher.

    Osemele is a decent prospect. Hopefully his work ethic is better now. I think it was good value.

    Pierce isnt the RB I wanted but hes still damn good and can compliment rice as well as take over of he wants paid.

    I like the fs pick. i think gradkowski is an ideal fit for the zone blocking althoigh not sure about value. The db sounds like a solid special teamer.

    Tommy streeter i think is a steal in the 6th. He may not be great but at 6'5 with 80"+ wingspan and being a hands catcher, although inconsistent, is a monster talent.

    I like the idea of dale moss. We needed to double dip at wr and seems likea solid plauer. Id invite burfict but no signing bonus. Let him come and see him first hand if he wants to work for it. Maybe this was the final eye opener? Id cut him loose the first mistake though.

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    Re: How did we do?

    From the few clips I've seen of him, Upshaw doesn't look explosive off the snap at all.
    He kind of plays like rubberman. It's deceiving. He looks like he;s playign lazy but is always in the right spot at the right time, which is good for a DE.

    I was disappointed in the final 2 rounds. but that's not to take anything from who we picked. But I kind of wanted the ILB Travis Lewis(detroit) and OT Adrew Datko (undrafted, I think). THe C from texas would have been good too.

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    Re: How did we do?

    I'd give it a solid B.

    Most of the day 3 guys I don't know much about...never even seen one of the infamous "youtube highlight" clips on most of them.

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    Re: How did we do?

    Hard to grade a draft the day of. It was a fail if you take into account what our AFC comp. got. Pitt, Cincy, NE, and even Houston had better drafts, that makes it scary.

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    Re: How did we do?

    One Sun writer said all the AFC-N teams improved themselves but the Ravens. Even
    Bruce said he was trying not to get discouraged with the draft.

    I posted a link on the draft thread that Upshaw dropped because of his short arms and
    might not do as well vs NFL tackles who can wrap them up like they did with Oher's
    short arms at LT.

    The guard is big but - heh. No improvement at that position. He will compete with
    Jah Reid.

    The Center from Delaware might have been the best player in our draft. Piss, NE and
    Ravens had him as the best Center in the draft which is why Ravens passed on Konz
    who had durability issues. Gradkowski will learn from Burke and then take his place.

    This reminds me of the Kindle draft. I get scared everytime Ozzie trades down
    into the 2d round - his worse round.

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    Re: How did we do?

    Quote Originally Posted by sandiegosean View Post
    Hard to grade a draft the day of. It was a fail if you take into account what our AFC comp. got. Pitt, Cincy, NE, and even Houston had better drafts, that makes it scary.


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