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    Re: First Draft You Watched

    Duane Starks isn't getting enough love in this thread. The dude went apecrap in the playoffs in 2000.

    For me, it was the PsiNet Stadium board in 2000. Great year in general, but the draft was fun too since we had two top 10 picks. A bunch of the kids did a bunch of drills on the field. I remember being there, trying to throw the ball with a broken arm, then switching to throwing it left-hande.

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    Re: First Draft You Watched

    I'm the oldest fan on the board who has been following Baltimore football the longest
    attending games back to the early 50s but I don't remember them being on TV before 84 when the Colts left. I don't think ESPN was around yet or they were just starting. They said Thursday that Mel was starting his 29th year with them.

    I do remember reading the papers about a young Mel Kiper making draft predictions
    and getting most of them right. Ernie Accorsi, the Colts GM and the guy who brought
    Bellicheat into the pro game as a film break down man, was impressed with Mel and
    bought his publication and promoted him. He had something to do with Mel getting
    his gig with espn.

    The draft was held in a big hotel in San Francisco or NY in the old days. I remember
    the 49ers wanted to make a trade with the Colts so they just walked over to their
    table and made the trade. There were only 12 teams that met in the ball room
    of a hotel. They didn't even use phones then. I forget the guy but they pulled a fast one on Weeb.

    Anyway, the first draft I watched on TV is the Ravens first one. I was at the Sheraton with
    my nephews. There were thousands of fans waiting in line trying to get in.

    The crowd booed Ozzie when he took JOnathan Ogden. I laughed because everyone
    want Lawrence Phillips who came as advertized and ended up back in jail and out of

    Then Ozzie got Ray and the rest is history but that is the first draft I watched. After
    that one they moved the draft party to the stadium because there were so many
    fans that couldn't get in the Sheraton.

    I was there yelling and screaming with Fred Grau when we drafted Boller-lol. I
    remember Topper K of this board saying just because a guy can throw a ball thru
    the goal posts on one knee from mid field doesn't mean he can play football.

    Man was he right. ILMAO.
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