Here's one more interesting point on Reagan. The final straw that broke
Russia's back was when he blew up their oil pipeline. Turns out they stole
our software to start the pipeline.

We heard about it from the French who were told by a Russian defector.
So Casey came up with the brilliant scheme to let them keep stealing the soft ware only it was rigged with explosives.

They had to be careful and did it so the Russians would only put them in remote areas. The explosives could have leveled a village or town. It was
the largest non nuclear explosion in history.

So they got em and put them in and the pipeline exploded. The beauty of it all was they couldn't complain about it. They would have been admitting

When Gorbachev ended the cold war he said we have to improve our
computer technology. He referred to the pipeline.

They must have because a new one was recently built and is working and
Russia became the #1 oil producing country in the world. Had that happened in the 80s the cold war would still be going on