View Poll Results: What WILL the Ravens do with pick 29?

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  • Trade pick 29 and their third round selection (#92) to move up 5-8 spots in the first round

    5 12.82%
  • Use pick 29 to select Dontía Hightower, LB, Alabama (6í2Ē 265lbs)

    7 17.95%
  • Use pick 29 to select Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia Tech (6'4", 215lbs)

    4 10.26%
  • Use pick 29 to select Peter Konz, OC, Wisconsin (6í5Ē 315lbs)

    4 10.26%
  • Use pick 29 to select some other player

    8 20.51%
  • Trade the 29th pick for two picks, in the top-third of the second and third rounds.

    11 28.21%
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    Final poll (seriously). How WILL the Ravens use pick 29?

    GOTA suggested that I repost the poll that I had posted last week asking you to suggest who the Ravens should draft first overall.

    Based on a poll from last week, Hightower, Hill and Konz topped out everyoneís wish list, in that order. That was based on who you thought the Ravens SHOULD pick. Now Iím asking who you think they WILL pick which I think may be a tad more interesting that a re-do of last week. Iíll even give you a write-in vote this time.

    You can also factor in which of these favorites options you think will be gone and unavailable at pick 29. If thatís the case, maybe you believe Ozzie will move around the board to improve value. Iíve given you some specific parameters for trading the pick, however.

    Maybe you believe that the Ravens will package picks to target a premium player who starts to fall. For instance, Peter King has them leapfrogging the Steelers to take Hightower at 23. Maybe David Castro or Cordy Glenn reach the twenties and they move up to grab their replacement for Ben Grubbs and taking one of the best guards in the draft. Iím assuming the asking price is probably a third rounder to move from the bottom of the twenties to the top. Last year the Browns traded the 27th pick to the Chiefs to move up to pick 21 to grab Baylor DT Phil Taylor, and they gave up a third (70 overall) to do so. The Ravens hold the 92nd overall pick as their third rounder.

    Or maybe you think the move Ozzie makes is to trade out of the first round again, as he did two years ago when he sent pick 25 to the Broncos, which allowed him to select Sergio Kindle and the two tight ends with a second, third and fourth round pick. Maybe you foresee the Dolphins passing on Ryan Tannehill with the eighth pick but then jumping back into the bottom of the first when Tannehill is still there, Aaron Rogers-style, at pick 29, and the Ravens end up with picks 42 and 72 in exchange for pick 29. Eric DeCosta has recently said that there is a lot of value in the second and third round, and so there would be some justification in them getting four players in the first three days with picks 42-91, if you think a willing trade partner is would give up this much for pick 29.

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    Re: Final poll (seriously). How WILL the Ravens use pick 29?

    I think they'll trade out.

    Hightower and Upshaw will likely be gone and I don't believe that Stephen Hill and Peter Konz are really great values with the 29th overall pick.
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    Re: Final poll (seriously). How WILL the Ravens use pick 29?

    I went with trading back and I think then they grab O line.

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    Re: Final poll (seriously). How WILL the Ravens use pick 29?

    I have not yet voted because I'm really torn. I'm not convinced they will get enough action on trading back. They may be forced to make a pick at 29. I also think Hightower will be gone, but not worth trading up for. I'm leaning toward Hill being there at 29 for them and taking him over Konz, but right at this moment can't answer my own poll question.

    I feel like every message board I look at, fans of teams pickling 15-30 want to see their team trade back. How many teams want to trade up?

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    Re: Final poll (seriously). How WILL the Ravens use pick 29?

    I predict I'll wait all night to hear....then they'll trade.

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    Re: Final poll (seriously). How WILL the Ravens use pick 29?

    Quote Originally Posted by DrUnk View Post
    I predict I'll wait all night to hear....then they'll trade.
    I'm thinking the same thing, but hoping for Hill. I know he's risky, but the reward is worth it, imo.

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    Re: Final poll (seriously). How WILL the Ravens use pick 29?

    Okay, I voted Hill.

    The Ravens have only traded back out of the first round once in their history. I don't think they like to do it. And it took the bizarre Tebow factor, and the inexperienced Josh Mcdaniels as the other GM, for it to even happen once.

    I just read the John Eisenberg piece on the team website where he quotes DeCosta as saying they expect a player who they rate 15-20 to be available at 29. And he mentions they usually get players they rate in the top 100 all the way through the seventh round.

    So ultimately, I think it's more likely they have a player they like fall to them than they find a trading partner.

    Is that player Hill? Probably not, but he's the best I could come up with in terms of being rated top-20 by them, and reasonably falling to 29.

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    Re: Final poll (seriously). How WILL the Ravens use pick 29?

    Oh, if you're interested, here is a link to the Eisenberg piece.

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    Re: Final poll (seriously). How WILL the Ravens use pick 29?

    I voted hill. I also have a question, since the draft is not that strong after the first 6-9 picks who do you think will trade with us and try to move up? I think the right players will have to fall in order for someone to trade up

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    Re: Final poll (seriously). How WILL the Ravens use pick 29?

    For the record I have Hightower and Konz gone but Hill still available at #29.

    My guess is they will try to trade out of the round but won't be able to. I see them passing on Hill and going with a different player. Could be Zeitler or McClellin or Chandler Jones or Jonathan Martin.
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    Re: Final poll (seriously). How WILL the Ravens use pick 29?

    Chandler Jones would certainly be an interesting pick.

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    Re: Final poll (seriously). How WILL the Ravens use pick 29?

    Similar feelings to above. Think they want to trade out, but so does everyone else. Be no real action. Nobody wants much 1st round action this year as it's a below par group. Luckily the rookie wage scale is there, imagine what it'd be like if it wasn't.

    Think they'll end up with Konz or Zeitler. Nothing sexy, but it was never going to be that type of offseason. Same goes for the draft. As long as they can get a useful player.


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