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    Re: The Motive Behind Ed Reed's Hou/Bal Post-Game Comments.

    Mercurial mer·cu·ri·al/mərˌkyo͝orēəl/

    Adjective: (of a person) Subject to sudden or unpredictable changes. See: Ed Reed

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    Re: The Motive Behind Ed Reed's Hou/Bal Post-Game Comments.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Excellector View Post
    That could explain it. It would certainly be understand if Reed felt frustrated that the team has constantly relied on the defense to close out games, allowing the offense to go into a shell. Reed may or may not know whose fault it is/was. That may be why it sounded like he was all over the place in his assessment.
    I think he and every other Raven knows whose fault it is for the offense going into a shell. The problem is that the front office hasn't figured it out yet.

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    Ed Reed has worn thin on me. Basically I think he is a bipolar, asshole.

    Basically I'm done with Reed. He needs to shut the fuck up, should have kept his mouth shut and go play elsewhere.

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