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    Re: Our Forum's 1st Round Draft Board

    Quote Originally Posted by dandrews View Post
    Sign me up for this one, but put Kendall Wright in the steal category for me.
    Well the guy from Rotoworld agrees with you. He has a story claiming that Wright is the best WR in the draft, followed by Floyd, and then Blackmon. You can read it here.

    What is interesting is that he predicts Floyd will be first off the board at 7 to Jacksonville, followed by Blackmon to the Cards (13), followed by his top ranked guy, Wright, at 40 to the Panthers.

    He ranks Stephen Hill 9th best WR (behind Quick, for instance) but has him going to San Fran at 30. He does say that Hill is nearly impossible to grade because of a lack of film on him.
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    Re: Our Forum's 1st Round Draft Board

    Luke Kuechly - This is the player I'd like more than any other in this draft, a perfect heir to Ray Lewis and a huge upgrade in pass coverage, but I expect he'll be long gone. If he slips past the Eagles at 15, Ozzie better be on the phone trying to make a deal to go get him.
    Michael Floyd - A very talented receiver who will also be gone before our pick
    David DeCastro - The draft's best guard, he won't make it past the Bengals at 17, let alone all the way down to us.

    Good value:
    Mark Barron - I don't expect him to get past the middle of the round, but he would be a great piece to put in place behind Ed Reed to eventually take over.
    Dont'a Hightower - I'm not as big on Hightower as many others are, given his deficiencies against the pass... he's more Bart Scott than Ray Lewis. But his leadership skills and natural ability still represent good value for the Ravens if we get him.
    Stephen Hill - I'm leaning more and more towards hoping that Hill, a receiver who exactly fits our needs (speed threat with size and leaping ability), to be our pick in the first round. I know he is raw and has some bust potential, and his hands and route-running are causes for concerns... but you can teach those things. You can't teach height. You can't teach speed (or at least it's very difficult). I'd roll the dice with him.
    Jonathan Martin - Martin has been tagged to slide a little bit, and he would be a tremendous pickup if he makes it down to us. We need to put in some depth behind Bryant McKinnie if we don't think Jah Reid is the answer, and Martin can compete at LG until he's ready to slide over.

    Average value:
    Courtney Upshaw - I don't see the excitement over Upshaw. I don't want to see us grab another OLB before letting Kruger and Kindle have a shot at stepping into the position. He might be good value for the draft slot we're in, but he's not good value for the team, relative to our other needs.
    Kevin Zeitler - I'm impressed with Zeitler's toughness and athleticism, and I think he would be a worthy pick at our spot. But I don't think he would be particular steal.
    Cordy Glenn - Glenn is a big, mauling guard who could also be groomed to play tackle, but I don't think he's likely to become an elite player. Still, it would be surprising to see him fall to us.
    Pete Konz - A lot of mocks have us taking Konz, but I'm not sold. He feels more like a second-round pick. I hope we can do better.
    Amini Silatou - Another strong option at OG, but he's not a prospect that would make me cheer when we pick him. If we deal back into the second round somewhere, then I could be pleased with Silatolu.

    Poor value:
    Harrison Smith - A second-round talent at best.
    Mike Adams - Lots of questions about this guy, I'm expecting him to slide out of the first round entirely.
    Alshon Jeffery - While he'd be a poor value with our first-round pick, I'd be happy to see him slide down to us in the second if we can't get Hill.
    Mohamed Sanu - Same as Jeffrey, would be happy to see him in Ravens purple if we can get him in the second.

    I won't bother listing reaches, there are lots of guys we could reach for and shouldn't.

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    Re: Our Forum's 1st Round Draft Board

    First off, thanks to everyone who made a list! I hope some members will find this to be a useful reference during the draft.

    I took everyone's list and gave each pick a score of 2, 1, 0, -1, or -2 based on the category they were placed in. After ordering them by average score, I somewhat arbitrarily divided them in to the same tiers that I based the scoring on. I also tracked how many times each pick was listed.

    The average score is reported in the Score column, and the number of times a pick was listed is reported in the Frequency column. I've only included players that were listed twice or more, but the rest are listed below for reference with some additional explanation.

    I debated pushing Mecilus and Silatolu down to the reach category, but both had votes for the Average Value category, which non of the other reaches did.

    Ravens 24x7 1st Round Draft Board
    HTML Code:
    Pos - Name	Score	Frequency
    G - DeCastro	2.0	5
    LB - Kuechly	2.0	4
    SS - Barron	1.6	5
    OLB - Upshaw	1.3	6
    Good Value
    Pos - Name	Score	Frequency
    G/T - Glenn	0.8	6
    LB - Hightower	0.7	6
    WR - Wright	0.6	5
    T - Martin	0.5	4
    Average Value
    Pos - Name	Score	Frequency
    WR - Hill	0.3	6
    C - Konz	-0.2	6
    WR - Jeffery	-0.2	5
    DE - McClellin	-0.2	5
    DE - Perry	-0.3	3
    Poor Value
    Pos - Name	Score	Frequency
    WR - Randle	-0.5	2
    G - Zeitler	-0.5	6
    T- Adams	-0.8	5
    DE - Jones	-0.8	5
    DE - Mercilus	-1.0	2
    G - Silatolu	-1.0	2
    Pos - Name	Score	Frequency
    DE - Branch	-1.5	2
    FS - Smith	-1.6	5
    WR - Sanu	-1.8	5
    If a player only received 1 vote, I assumed it was unlikely that he would be selected by the Ravens at 29. Still I list those players below...

    High End Unlikely Picks
    HTML Code:
    Pos - Name		Score	Frequency
    DT - Brockers		2.0	1
    WR - Floyd		2.0	1
    DT - Cox		2.0	1
    CB - Kirkpatrtick	1.0	1
    Low End Unlikely Picks
    HTML Code:
    Pos - Name	Score	Frequency
    DT - Worthy	-1.0	1
    TE - Fleener	-1.0	1
    OLB - David	-1.0	1
    OLB - Lewis	-1.0	1
    T - Sanders	-2.0	1
    RB - Martin	-2.0	1
    RB - Miller	-2.0	1


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