Even with Mitt up by +4 in the latest Rasmussen poll a lot of conservative
chicken littles are expecting an OBY repeat. I'm more or less part of that
group but this guy makes a convincing argument why it will be a conservative
landslide even with a 2-1 victory in the electoral college. I've been expecting more seats in the Senate but not enough for repeal and to add more in the house but not the WH.

The big reason is 66 million tea partiers who believe this is the most important
election in history and the rest of the constitution will be destroyed. Pelosi just
said their agenda is to amend the 1st Amendment.

Hope this guy is right. I'm a chicken little and might not even vote.

BTW, the last time I read something like this with the DEMs in control of the
WH and congress was after LBJ won. Two guys wrote a book telling us to
expect a wave of conservatism to kick out the liberals. I laughed but sure
enough Nixon came in followed by Reagan with Carter in the middle who was
a Southern DEM conservative

Now this guy is saying the same thing.