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But Kendall Wright has never stepped foot on an NFL field. Mike Wallace is ALREADY one of the very best deep threats in the league. He's not at the Calvin Johnson/Larry Fitzgerald/Andre Johnson level, but I would argue he is right below that. He's realistically a top 10 WR in the league, and Wright is not. Wright is 3 years younger than Wallace, but it's not like Wallace is old. He's only 25 and he stands to get better if he can hone his route running a bit.

If you could choose between Kendall Wright and Mike Wallace for the same CONTRACT, I think it's a no-brainer that you choose Wallace. As others have said, the problem looks to be that teams simply don't want to pay Wallace's price at all, draft picks notwithstanding.
My argument isn't on Kendall Wright vs Wallace, of course I know who the better player is right now. But 10 million a year for Mike Wallace? No thanks. The argument isn't between who you would chose between Wright and Wallace at the same contract, my argument is that you should never spend that much money on a pre modonna WR. Kendall Wright was just an example btw, because by the time the Bengals are picking he's probably the only receiver worth taking at #17 or #21.