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Largest class of people effected by the housing bubble bust? Whites.

But hey, why should that get in the way of Galen and his race baiting?

And where did I suggest that whites weren't the most "effected"(sic)?

Nice projection though. It reinforces the structure of my argument that conservative are mostly interested in making the housing crisis a race issue. My premise is that the deregulation of the banking/securties market is the cause while your premise is the open lending to minorities caused the crisis. Sure you try to couch it in this language of it not really being about minorities but more about government making it easier for minorities that caused the problem but your language continues to be coded (whether you are aware of it or not) with innuedos of race. When I blame the problem on the stripping of a government regulation that had been around for 70 years effectively regulating the mortgage business then all of a sudden, I am "race baiting". How does that exactly work? Projection my friend. You want this to be about race so you call it out as soon as you can with no mention of race on my part. Interesting.

You might want to check your projection as the truth of the matter is that we are all influenced by race. It is our projections that give us hints of our own racial prejudgements and it becomes our responsibility to learn from them. That is, if we want to be as least affected by race as possible.