My wife and I traveled over to the Eastern Shore to visit my Mom for Easter and while over there I noticed that the guy who used to live across the street was no longer there and his house was in foreclosure. I asked my Mom what was going on there, because he has a landscaping company and mowed her yard, etc. She told me that this dude just got tired of having a mortgage. He wasn't upside down or anything. He just didn't want to pay his mortgage anymore, so he moved out, stripped the house of the nice crown molding trim, copper, appliances, etc.

Last week he came over to do some work for my Mom and he was driving a brand new $60,000 full size truck and was gloating about the fact that because he didn't have to pay his mortgage anymore he could get a new truck.

He's a typical "local" in some of those towns on the Eastern Shore that are big fish in little ponds. Grew up there, never left, knows everyone, etc.

I think that's absolutely disgusting. Makes me sick that there are honest and hardworking folks who can't get a mortgage to buy a house and there are shit heads like this guy.