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    Re: OT -- Sapp is "likely" out at NFLN

    This has genuinely saddened me. Sapp wasn't a great analyst, he tended to over exaggerate small factors (like when he claimed the Steelers were "old" and "done" after week 1 of 2011) and strayed into cliches too often but he genuinely made me smile and laugh. I don't watch NFLN purely to be informed or to hear engaging debates, I also want to enjoy myself and laugh. I'll miss Sapp and his ridiculous facial contortions when addressing the camera and his giggling with Deion and Michael Irvin.

    And good luck to him in the future, I hope he gets his finances sorted out and turns everything around.

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    Re: OT -- Sapp is "likely" out at NFLN

    Well this opens the door for Whines Hard....

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    Re: OT -- Sapp is "likely" out at NFLN

    Interesting view.


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