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I just don't see a Republican candidate in this cycle who can simultaneously win the primary election by appealing to hard line far right types like Trap, and then turn around and appeal to moderate conservatives like me who couldn't give a rat's ass about what Jesus would do and what happens inside women's uteruses.

There just isn't enough overlap between those two groups to drive up a candidate who can get people mobilized the way Obama did in the last election. He had people dancing in the street for crying out loud, who is going to be that excited for Mittens or Santorum other than their wives?

I think that unless we face a MAJOR political, military, or domestics crisis between now and then, Obama will carry the day simply because he's better at generating intense voter loyalty than Mitt and significantly more morally palatable than Rick for the vast majority of middle ground voters.

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I don't even think Santorum's wife gets very excited over him...