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    LOL - N.Korean rocket falls apart

    Today is not a good day to be a rocket scientist in N. Korea. Defying
    the international community it launched its infamous rocket which
    fell apart after a short while and crashed in the sea. See vid.

    After spending billions and starving their people to death in the

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    Re: LOL - N.Korean rocket falls apart

    Didn't this same thing happen about 5 years ago?
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    Re: LOL - N.Korean rocket falls apart

    Quote Originally Posted by wickedsolo View Post
    Didn't this same thing happen about 5 years ago?
    Yeah, they're not doing well.

    "The last time Pyongyang carried out what it described as a satellite launch, in April 2009, the U.N. Security Council condemned the action and demanded that it not be repeated.

    That rocket traveled 2,300 miles before its third stage fell into the Pacific Ocean.

    And in 2006, a missile failed after about 40 seconds into flight.

    It is still, however, a dangerous regime - at least on that peninsula. They have so much conventional artillery and shorter range rockets that can reach as far south as Inchon and Seoul that some predictions for civilian casualties in the first week of a war there are in the millions.


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