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    Damn, Appeals Court fires back at OBY for "unelected" comments

    Man, OBY was so stupid, he should have kept his mouth shut when
    he called the SC unelected judges and that they never overturned a
    piece of legislation. He later said he meant "modern legislation" just
    like he meant to say he visited 50 states, not 57.

    Anyway, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the DOJ to give them in writing their opinion to see if the courts with "un-elected judges" have the legal right to over turn Congressional legislation and they only gave them three days to do it.
    The 5th Circuit is currently hearing a separate challenge to OBAMA CARE brought
    by physicians-owned hospitals.

    Damn, if the appeals court is this upset, just think how pissed off
    the SC must be and particularly Kennedy who is the swing vote. OBYs comments were directed at him after he was obviously tipped off by Kagen or someone about the final vote on Friday.

    He opened a new can of worms this time. Rush said it's equivalent to putting
    out a bounty on the Supremes.
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