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    Maryland Votes ... Sort Of

    Only a 15% turn out.

    Shameful. ;)

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    Re: Maryland Votes ... Sort Of

    Not surprising to me for two reasons. There is no democrat candidate to elect and I'm convinced anyone not voting for Obama are of the mindset ABO.

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    A primary race that is pretty much already decided, featuring no candidate from the majority party, with no major local issues also on the ballot?

    15% is about twice what I would've guessed.

    I am here:
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    Re: Maryland Votes ... Sort Of

    Im an indie so when someone asked me if I voted today I said what election was it? I forgot about the primaries. I was consumed with more important things like caring for a mother who could soon be going into a nursing home while I'm trying to keep her out. Looks like a lot of people forgot there were primaries.

    So, HR thinks it's shameful that so many didn't vote. Hell, Santorum didn't even campaign here so Romney won hands down
    and spent $450,000 on TV ads with no opponents or opponents that campaigned here. He's still
    spending uselessly like when he was guv of Mass for 28 lousy

    Ive been saying I might not vote in the general
    election because I'm never voting for someone I don't believe in
    again. I'm never voting for the lesser of two evils like I did with
    Bush. I'm sorry I voted for him because he betrayed us.

    I don't like Romney plain and simple because he's even more
    liberal than W or McCain and has flipped so many times you
    don't know what he believes in. He's like the kid who always
    yelled wolfe. So I may not vote and I don't give a damn what anyone says.

    I showed up when I was drafted and did my time while being assigned to a unit that took over 50% of the casualties of the
    entire damn war. I didn't go over because my
    unit came back and I came back home to APG. I also pay my taxes.
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