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    Another sponsor drops 'Ookie'.

    After Nike dropped a lucrative cointract and Upper Deck is removing his card from all sets lol, Rawlings is now ending their relationship with Vick.

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    Re: Another sponsor drops 'Ookie'.

    Not a good time to be Ron Mexico.

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    Re: Another sponsor drops 'Ookie'.

    Good! Glad to see the sponsors are dropping Vick.
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    Re: Another sponsor drops 'Ookie'.

    Vince Young was in the news this morning. His sound bite after getting into an altercation with a teammate was classy and all the right things. Plus he welcomed all his teammates into training camp with handwritten notes. Plus it was widely reported how quick a study he was last year, and a gentleman.

    What a fine future face of the NFL that young man is.

    And good riddance to Vick as the last face of the NFL.

    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.

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    Re: Another sponsor drops 'Ookie'.

    VY seems to be a great guy. I was wrong about him when he was coming out..I thought he was immature and would likely be a bust.

    I think the whole notes to the teammates thing is pretty cool. The guy is definitely doing all the right things in terms of leading that team.

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    Re: Another sponsor drops 'Ookie'.

    Frankly, I dont think the sponsors can afford to wait for trial on this thing. They lose dollars right away through the bad press.....


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