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    Big Al: ESCALATE

    That's Al Sharpton's answer in the Trayvon Martin case if his alleged shooter isn't charged soon. In this country you're still innocent until proven guilty but not when it's an interracial shooting and a minority is the victim.

    I'm surprised no one has posted this here. Guess we've been consumed with the SC all week but it's big on all the boards. There's trouble all over the country because Martin who wore a hood was shot by a white guy who suspected him of something.

    Even OBY got in on the outcry saying if he had a son he would be like Trayvon Martin. How does he even know what Martin was really like.

    Zimmerman hasn't been charged yet because of difficult circumstances in the case. He's pleading self defense and said he was thrown on the ground and has
    head injuries and a broken nose. Martin's body was found face down on the ground instead of on his back so that supports it. Plus there are supposed to be witnesses.

    The guv appointed a special prosecutor but black leaders want Zimmerman's ass now. Even the Black Panthers offered a $1M bounty of him and his parents have been threated. Spike Lee, the black movie producer, tweeted his parents address and made it known and now they fear for their lives.

    The Rev Jessie Jackson has also condemned Florida officials for dragging their feet.

    There could be riots causing millions in damages if Zimmerman isn't charged soon.

    Throw in all he major news stations like MSNBC that have also called for riots.

    The shooting is a trajedy of a black man wearing a hood but there's more to the case than meets the eye. The facts aren't all in yet.
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