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If Rice holds out, next, man up!Rice did well against most teams, but had problems against the teams we needed to beat.Can't claim to be all that when he couldn't make a big difference in the pats game. Pick up those first downs when it mattered the most and the Ravens go to the SB the last several years.
Agreed. Plus, lest not forget Rices last 3 playoff games he wasn't good. His fumble in Puttsburgh took the momentum away from the Ravens 2 years ago. For over 10 years now the Ravens have run the ball well regardless of who carries the ball. I wouldn't be that surprised to see the Ravens draft a back in the 2nd round especially if they find a trade partner to trade with if our first rounder of choice is gone. Drafting a RB early will save lots of cash the next 4 years to acquire other peices. RB's who can't get 3-4th and short behind 2 probowl G's and an ALL PRo FB aren't worth 8 million, IMO. Like to see the look on Rices face if the Ravens draft a RB early. He won't get even close to Foster $ after that from anyone, including the Ravens. We didn't hear Webb botching about his contract for statistically being the 2nd best corner behind Revis. Webb is way more important than Rice and so is Flacco. Hope Ravens give Joe 1 more legit pass target.