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I totally agree with most of what you said here, but none of that was my argument. I'm not saying players should ever come before the team from a fans prospective, however there is no shame for a player to become attached to another player and hope to hell he remains with the team even if it means harming the teams cap situation. Obviously the player needs to be an elite player in the NFL to be considered that kind of commitment. I know that Ray Lewis will be gone soon, but remember that he has been with the Ravens since they began back in 1996, and I very much doubt the Ravens would have been what they are today or what they are known for if we hadn't drafted him, and I also doubt that we would have won the superbowl without him either.
I didn't say there was any shame in it...however in this day and age of UFA and Salary Cap, you are setting yourself up for disappointment when the players leave. These players are out for themselves. I don't blame them, and I don't blame the teams for cutting guys that can't do for their salaries. It's a business for the teams and the players...not the utopia of family.

I love both Ray's and what they've done for the team, but I am not big on harming the team longterm for any player. The train moves on...but it won't if you keep holding onto guys over sentimental reasons.