Next year, rice if he plays under the tag will cost the team a fortune. He is costing a fortune this year, no RB in this day and age is worth 7.7 million. If I were the Ravens I would at the very least go to some top RB prospect pro days, that should send a message quick. I wouldn't mind drafting a RB in round 2 or even 1, thus saving you 7-10 million NEXT year and for the next 3-4 years against the cap. You can really add to your team with those savings, plus Rice in a few years will be suffering from the law of averages of diminishing returns. From Holmes, Lewis, Mcgahee, mCClain and Rice the Ravens always ran the ball pretty well. Remember, after a few good years with MCGahee, and still having him under contract for 4 years they STILL drafted a RB in the 2nd round.