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    GOP lawmakers are saying OBY is threatening/putting a bounty on the court with unprecedented remarks and he even resorts to name calling - "un-elected" just like Galen does in here. LOL - there's a reason they're un-elected, which is to do what OBY the King
    is complaining about. It limits the King's executive power and it's working in this case and this goes back to 18th Century liberal thinking. Then Jefferson the leader of OBYs own party put it in our new system as part of the checks and balances between the three branches - executive, legislative and judicial.

    That's why the ONE is so upset. He must be worried sick about losing it. Slick Willie called OBY a Chicago thug in 2008. Now his pal and former Chief of Staff is running Chicago.

    We already said our health care system isn't perfect but it's the best in the world. Ask Greece. If anyone doesn't like it they can move to Canada and join the 50,000 pussies that deserted there during the Vietnam War and see how bad their health system is.

    See my links above detailing how their citizens are coming down here for health care. It's
    so broke the gov't can't afford to build new hospitals and they shut completely down at
    least two weeks of the year.

    That's what a Canadian told me on a cruise ship 10 years ago. She always goes to
    the hospital in Detroit and the Canadian gov't pays them. She also waits months for a
    simple x-ray. The same will happen here if OBY CARE is upheld. They will schedule you
    according to age and severity of illness. My x-ray office has already confirmed this.
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