A question: After the SCOTUS rules that ACA is constitutional, what will the conservative mindset do to reconcile its small worldview? Will you deny the validity of the Supreme Court? I think so.

Most progressive thinkers understand that in order for the wealthy to stay politically in power, they need to create narratives that appeal to the majority of voters who are anything but wealthy. Charged words like Liberty, Freedom, Constitutional, Socialiam all seem to tweak the amygdalas of enough people that they vote for policies that support the wealthy and not necessarily themselves.

Look what conservatives politicians have led you all to deny.

1. Education. Education is some elitist training camp for liberal dogma. Home school your young and avoid college as it is only for "snobs"!

2. Science. Science is nothing more than fraudulent and corrupt individuals working for Al Gore so that he can sell a book. Deny its findings at all cost!

3. Government. Government has never done anything right and should only be used to defend us. Get you government out of my life! (but it is okay if you tell the gays they can't marry and women can't make their own decisons etc.)

So what happens when the SCOUTUS rules in favor of ACA?

4. SCOTUS. They are all activist liberals at heart trying to deprive of us our liberties and freedoms and all that stuff!

I can see it coming.

Conservative nihilism will essentially deny four institutions that have made America what it is today; Education, Science, Government and the Supreme Court. Ever notice how to protect the interest of the rich, all four of those institutions need to be dismantled? Odd isn't it?