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    Chaney gets heart transplant at 71; he wouldn't have under OBAMA CARE

    Two years ago, Ed Schultz of Galen's MSNBC said Dick Chaney should be the right's poster child for what's wrong with the country. Well, today he's a poster child for the elderly getting a heart transplant just before O BUMMER CARE kicks in to void it. Doctors used to have a cut off age of 65 because
    it was too risky but technology has upped the age and he qualified.

    Cheney just got a new heart and is recovering nicely at 71. Bush and Romney visited him. He has survived 5 heart attacks since he was 37.
    He also had to wait longer than the usual time to get one but he wouldn't have received one at all if OBUMMER CARE had kicked in because of his age and he would have died. This is what Herman Cain said when he ran. He
    wouldn't be alive today because he wouldn't have received his cancer
    operation if OBUMMER CARE was here.

    And you know O BUMMER himself would have had something to say about Cheney getting it or not getting it.

    I don't get it though. Docs said he had to be in good shape to get the transplant and took care of himself.
    How could that be if he had 5 heart attcks in last 30 years?

    I've never had an organ cut on, bones but not an organ. I have bad lungs so I guess I won't get new onesi if I need them when the new system kicks in.
    That's why we call it O BUMMER CARE.

    My doc said I have the worse lungs of any of his patients and they are all in their 70s. Think what yours will be like when your 70. All that when my oxygen level was 94%.

    When I walked out of the office and saw all those old people sitting there I almost went back to kick his ass. EVery person out there was wearing oxygen. I walked out under my own power but I worry about when the day comes I'll need something but OBY will keep me from getting it.

    And I'm not counting on the SC to strike it down either. Not with RHINOS Roberts and Kennedy on it. The WH is wooing Roberts now.
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    His name is spelled Cheney. Seriously the guy ran the country into the ground for 8 years. One would expect that you would know how to spell his name right by now. Do I need to move you up front again?

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    Re: Chaney gets heart transplant at 71; he wouldn't have under OBAMA CARE

    Here's all you need to know about BHO's plan for healthcare... if you want to call it that.


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