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    Companies asking for FB login info during interviews

    See what OBY started. There's so much gov't interference in every aspect of our lives that corporate America is getting into us too.

    A young job applicant was being interviewed and got the expected questions about references and stuff but was shocked when the employer went into Face Book and couldn't find his profile and asked for his login

    The applicant refused to give it and withdrew the application saying he wouldn't want to work for a company that did such things.

    Bully for him but more and more companies are doing this and as so many are desperate for jobs, others may not be so willing to withdraw like that.

    There is a bill in Annapolis to prevent state agencies from asking for this info.

    Big Brother is truly watching us.

    I don't even have a face book account and refuse to go into it. I get into enough trouble on message boards. I give out some personal stuff in here but it's mostly vague.

    Everyone knows me by Trap and not one person accept maybe the person handling the rolls knew my real name in Nest 1.

    Even when I sing everyone knows me as Trap. My
    nephew has his real name on face book, where he lives, where he works and pics of all his friends including the girl he is going to marry.

    I said I'd be able to find you in 1 hour if I were looking for you. You have too much info about yourself.

    One girl was milking an insurance company for disability payments. They found pics of her frolicking on the beach and surfing on face book and stopped the payments and sued for the money they gave her.
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  2. Re: Companies asking for FB login info during interviews

    It's happened to teens in school as well.

    If you leave your facebook profile as public, then it's fair game for anybody to view it, and everything you say on there, after all, you made it public.

    If it's private, it's private...period.

    The idea of anybody having to give up their privacy to get a regular job or remain in school is absurd to me.

    So should these officials, perspective employers, etc. also be allowed to have your e-mail account logins as well?
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  3. Re: Companies asking for FB login info during interviews

    I think its crap. There are things on facebook (religious views, sexual orientation, etc) that you are not allowed to ask in job interviews. By requiring facebook credentials your essentially asking that information.


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