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    Peyton - can he REALLY make a difference?

    Heard on Sirius NFL network this morning that the Bronco's odds of winning a SB this season improved from 75:1 to 8:1 with the announcement of Peyton's contract with Denver.

    I'm sure much of this is to balance the books with the amount of money coming in on Denver now, (god forbid they would have to pay out!)

    But in reality, can Peyton really have THAT big of an effect on the Broncos?

    Apparently he worked out for a couple teams and a video of him throwing was circulating among interested parties. I just find it hard to believe that he's fully healed or won't be awfully fragile out there.

    4 "proceedures" on the neck. I'm awfully skeptical.

    What say you?

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    Re: Peyton - can he REALLY make a difference?

    Manning was going to be a gamble for any team that signed him because of the neck surgeries. But a number of teams leapt at the chance, because the other side of the coin is that no one is able to state that he positively can't return to something approaching his old form. Age and statistics are against him in that regard, and I'm still doubtful we'll see the Manning of old. But it's not impossible, and if there's one player in the NFL who will work his butt off to pull it off, Manning would be the guy. And if he can, plus somehow get Denver to a Super Bowl, won't John Elway & co. look like the geniuses of the century?

    As to the fortunes of the Broncos in 2012, a lot is going to depend on the non-Manning pieces. Will their defense be as good this year as last? Could it be better? And what other free agent help might they sign, particularly on offense to help Manning? By all accounts Denver has a lot of cap space. How would you feel, for example, if they enticed Mike Wallace away from Pittsburgh?

    I agree that 8:1 seems a bit out of whack, but that'll probably back off once some of the initial euphoria dies down.

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    Re: Peyton - can he REALLY make a difference?

    With the team that Denver assembled last year, they won the AFC West and advanced to the Divisional Round of the Playoffs. For Peyton to make a significant difference, they would have to win the Super Bowl. I don't think that he is going to make that much of a difference.
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    Re: Peyton - can he REALLY make a difference?

    Peyton will now get to experience football in cold weather and no dome. If he is that great, yea, he'll make a difference. Will defenses treat him differently because of his neck problems? Will the refs now show special interest to protect him? Personally. the broncos will not get to the SB this year.

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    Re: Peyton - can he REALLY make a difference?

    8:1? I wonder what the odds are that Manning plays more than 8 games?

    I would be surprised to see Manning make a difference.
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    Re: Peyton - can he REALLY make a difference?

    He's certainly going to be better than Teblow, but I agree with Mr T, will Manning play more or less than 8 games?

    Also, unless Denver makes a lot of other moves on the offensive side of the ball, Peyton will not have a strong supporting cast, and will be playing outdoors, etc.

    They should be favored to win the AFCW, but I don't see them going very far in the playoffs.


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