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    Re: OT- New Natty Boh Can

    #679 Change connect, change plane in St. Louis, MO (STL) 08:50 PM
    Arrive in Dallas (Love Field), TX (DAL) 10:30 PM
    That's for Thursday night, March 22nd. If you are there -- no shit -- I will deliver a case of Bohs in the new cans.
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    Re: OT- New Natty Boh Can

    New Boh cans.

    Cartoon Bird.

    Stadium "upgrades"

    O's offseason complete.

    Who cares about upgrading the team and winning games!!!!

    Those cans are cool though.


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    Re: OT- New Natty Boh Can

    I've always enjoyed the 60's commercials. Hearing the legendary Chuck is a beautiful bonus:

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    What a badass beer can
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    Re: OT- New Natty Boh Can

    Quote Originally Posted by Mista T View Post
    Here's the Boh my pappy used to drink - and toss the empties over the side of the boat. Of course, as a kid, I would "never" have snuck a few cans for myself!

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    Brings back memories.
    I still have an old cone top around here somewhere.

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    Re: OT- New Natty Boh Can

    Found it out in the woodshop.
    Not the greatest shape but still cool IMHO.

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    Re: OT- New Natty Boh Can

    Anyone fancy sending a few cans over Air Mail?


    I told everyone that if I went to Pittsburgh I would have to throw up on my jersey every time I played, - Double J will always be a Raven


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