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    Re: CBS / NYT Poll ... Obama at 41%

    Galen is like his MSNBC.

    Not even the media likes to discuss it when polls show OBY is on the

    It says too many GOPs were polled, but these are their own polls that
    poll mostly DEMs.
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    Re: CBS / NYT Poll ... Obama at 41%

    Quote Originally Posted by Galen Sevinne View Post
    Healthcare is at 47 approve - 45 disapprove which only shows that ACA is really no longer an issue especially if you put the architect Romney in the race. CBO numbers look good for ACA and the recent numbers on Medicare also look good moving down the road towards election.
    CBO and JCT Estimate that About 3 Million to 5 Million Fewer People Will Obtain Employer-Based Coverage


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