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    CHU says gas prices never going down

    He's the energy czar and that's what he says. He wants to keep prices high for two reasons.

    One is to find a way for us to pay the same as Europe.

    The other is so the gov't can find alternatives to oil. That's why OBY is comitted to destroy the coal industry and forced 4 plants to close due to gov't strangulation of controls.

    OBY has spent over $100B in solar energy but it's not working. The Germans are the experts in this and US experts lag far behind. Nothing they do works.

    Take the Chevy Volt which GOV'T MOTORS recently discontinued. The gov't offered $7,000 in tax credits if you bought one.

    Prob with the Volt was, it caught on fire. So many were recalled they discontinued the car.

    Consumption is down so gas shouldn't be this high. Consumer demand is down by 15% partially due to the mild winter we've had. Drilling here is
    also down by 11% on land and in the ocean by executive mandate.

    OBY could release oil reserves like he did last year that brought prices down but his energy czar is vs it to find alternatives.

    The oil industry is also fighting this alternative crap because they own the infrastructure for oil.

    Well, we can all do the same as the energy czar and
    not own a car as he says but as a hi gov't official, he gets to ride in a gov't owned cheuffered driven limo with the tax payers picking up the gas.

    Chu says those high prces aren't even a concern but $8 gas prices could cost OBY the election even though half the country is for him. Newt is campaigning on returning gas to $2.50. Gas prices have doubled since OBY took office - just like he promised.
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