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    Re: Another strong jobs report predicted for this Friday regarding the month of February

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post
    Strong jobs report?

    That would be at least twice the number of jobs were are getting.

    At least 1/2 million per month was what was considered strong.

    Lowered Expectations. That's some change, but the hope is gone.
    1/2 a million a month??? really? when? during bibilical times?

    The only two times since 1980 we have had 1/2 a million jobs added in a month was Obama in May 2010 and Clinton in September 1997.

    The last six months have been the best job growth since 2006. Sure we will continue to have ups and downs as we get further from the Bush years but the arc is moving in the right direction.

    Its always an interesting experience to watch you guys get demoralized by good American news.

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    Re: Another strong jobs report predicted for this Friday regarding the month of February

    More shit from Galen with no links as usual to the facts he pulls out of
    his ass time and time again. BTW Galen, you said here a couple of days
    ago it would go under 8% but stayed at 8.3% even with the govt's phony
    numbers. Click on link and scroll down to see Galen's comments. So
    you're always wrong.

    Unemployment under Bush in 05 and 06 was 5%. It's 9.1% according to Gallup because they don't do adjustable rates. That's the administration's way of lying which Galen buys off on all the time. We got links.

    And OBY said the stimulus would keep unemployment under 9%. Yea,
    it went as high as 10%.

    Another Galen lie was saying two days ago on the other thread that
    unemployment would dip below 8%. Well even according to the
    gov't mis-calculations, it's still at 8.3% and they don't do under-employment which doubles that.

    Nobody takes Galen's numbers seriously as he gets his ass kicked in
    here by everyone.

    The regime's out there touting this really robust recovery, people aren't living it. They say, "What recovery? Where is it? Where are all these new jobs?" And I just remind you that Stanley Greenberg, big-time Democrat pollster, last week, big story, after polling a number of Americans, warned Obama, don't try to run for reelection on this robust economic recovery by telling everybody it exists because they're not living it and it's not gonna work. People don't buy it.

    Well Rush was wrong when he said people won't buy it. Galen sure buys it.

    SINCE WW2.
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