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    Romney didn't really win Mich, not all of it

    Michigan wasn't a winner take all situation like most states so even though Romney took Michigan, he didn't get all the delegates for the convention, only the counties that he won, which was the big one - Detroit where most of the people are.

    It's like the red and blue maps on election night with most of the states red except Calif, NY, Ill, Michi, Penn and NJ where most of the electoral votes are. So the DEM pres wins. Those are also the places where the unions are heavily concentrated.

    Anyway, Santorum won 57 of 83 counties in Michigan so he gets all those delegates at the convention because Mich isn't a winner take all proposition.

    This hurts Romeny too because Santorum forced him to spend over $4M. That's more than 6-1 in spending and Santorum still almost won all of Mich.

    That takes $4M from Romney's kitty when going vs OBY later on or even now. He spent too much time fighting for Mich instead of taking jabs at OBY. Sant forced him to do that.

    Romney won by getting the female vote by 95% plus the Seniors. Contraception is a big issue and Sant, a Cath evangelical is vs it. However, Romney is too or gave lip service. Conservatives voted for Romney too because they feel he is the only one who can beat OBY.

    RomneyCare does have in in Mass but the Cath hospitals are excluded and that was after he vetoed his own bill to force the Cath hospitals to give free of charge the morning after pill to rape victims to kill the fetus if pregnant.

    There are so many flips to this guy. Then he said he wasn't gonna attack OBY just because the conservatives want him too.

    So he doesn't think much of them. He's saying the hell to them.

    He's banking on the rich, the ones that don't pay taxes to get him in. There's 30M Christian voters that didn't vote in the last election. A lot of them have propelled Sant but Romney doesn't care.

    As Charles Krauthammer said on TV, OBY should be way behind Romney in the polls as bad as he's been and as been as the economy is which was the real issue in Mich but he's even with him.

    As Galen says, it looks like the GOP is imploding even when Romney gets the nomination.

    Like McCain, he's just a bad campaigner which got him in this Mich fix to begin with.


    Santorum won 57 out of 83 counties. And, as of now, Santorum, while losing the popular vote, has won seven of the 14 congressional districts; Romney won six; there's still one at least right now (earlier this morning it was one) still too close to call. This means that, of those 28 delegates, Santorum will either win 14 (if the last district goes to Romney) and 16 if Santorum wins the last district.

    So the delegate count from those 28 will be either a 14-14 tie or 16-12 Santorum. Of those 28 delegates. There are two at-large delegates. They could go to the candidate who gets 50% of the vote. Since nobody did, they will be split, one each, between Romney and Santorum. So the final delegate count coming out of Michigan will be either 15-15 tie or 17-13 Santorum. Now, that might shock you. I'm getting looks of curiosity from people on the other side of the glass. But that is the way it breaks down.
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    Re: Romney didn't really win Mich, not all of it

    Talk about gaffes. The women in Michigan were
    just as confused as Romney-lol:

    Presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Wednesday he opposed Senate Republicans' effort that critics say would limit insurance coverage of birth control, then reversed himself quickly in a second interview saying he misunderstood the question.
    Romney told Ohio News Network during an interview that he opposed a measure by Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., that was scheduled for a vote Thursday. "I'm not for the bill," Romney said before urging the interviewer to move on.
    Romney later said he didn't understand the question.
    "Of course I support the Blunt amendment. I thought he was talking about some state law that prevented people from getting contraception so I was simply _ misunderstood the question and of course I support the Blunt amendment," Romney later told Howie Carr's radio program in Boston, noting that Blunt is his campaign's point man in the Senate.

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