A Yahoo Sports link... forgive me, but I was checking e-mail and there it was: the tear-stained wounded musings of Brady Quinn, Medicine Woman in re: Tim Tebow catapulting over him on the Bronco depth charts and the ensuing aftermath. In a nutshell, SOUR GRAPES [duh!].

I'm no Tebow fan - methinks he will prove himself a flash in the pan over the long haul. But there's no denying at least a correlation between his insertion in the line-up and the start of a highly improbable run that took Denver all the way to the AFC Divisional Playoffs. I'm guessing that involved at least some of the Broncos believing in him at least some of the time (if only when depositing their 2 playoff checks perhaps, which I assume were also issued to Miss Quinn - like he had anything to do w/ their season)

I also found it ironic that the author dragged Suggsy into the story again, for a number of reasons: 1. he was not the most vocal or pointed Tebow critic;2. the author missed the gist of Suggsy's comments as I understood them - his distaste for an athlete that seems to believe that God will intervene on his behalf in human athletic competition [btw, a sentiment w/ which I wholly concur];3. The history of Miss Quinn's cheapshot cutblock that injured Suggs while miles away from the play on the return of a pickoff that Quinn flung while running for his punka** life from the Ravens' pass rush.

Give Tebow credit for enough class to not enter into slap fights w/ his detractors. Say what you will about Suggs or Tebow, but they talk their respective talks AND walk their respective walks. Meanwhile, Brady the Bust just sits and sh***.