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    YO IRISH RAVEN: Get this


    I mentioned a while back that Europe is now trying
    to leave socialism or at least gov't run health care.

    The UK is now trying to privatize their health care system and the American media isn't even covering it, of course, but the UK's sure is, especially the Guardian which is having fits, of course.

    And this is happening while the hamster is taking us
    down this destructive path.

    Like we keep saying - more destruction like the Soviet
    Union, old China and now Europe.


    Damn, they sure got the attention of the American press.
    This is the end of the "welfare state": This isn't just Greece's problem, says Robert Samuelson in The Washington Post.

    In an attempt to resolve access and provider issues, Prime Minister David Cameron and the Conservatives want to begin outsourcing work to private practitioners outside the NHS, a reversal of over six decades of public policy:
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