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    Re: OBY to erase 2d Amendment if re-elected???

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post
    Trap, you must stop reading the headline on Drudge and simply reposting it here. Very similar to Galen and his MSNBC / Maddow meme's.

    For one, he has no power to do anything with the 2nd (or any) Amendment without the consent of congress. Congress ain't touching gun control any time soon. There would have to some sort of super majority in both houses for that one to even be considered.

    I am life member of the NRA, own many weapons (including so-called "assault" weapons, whatever they are) and I am not concered one bit. It's a scare tactic to drum up support of the base and frankly something I'd expect from Obama in terms of tactics.
    Exactly! No need to worry Trap. And them words coming from our own liberty lover who locks down every thread that points out what a putz he is as a moderator.

    Don't give me a demerit, Maddow had that up on her blog today.

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    Re: OBY to erase 2d Amendment if re-elected???

    So Mr. Uber -

    OBAMACARE was brought before the SC by 26 states that banded together with private businesses as it will decide if the Federal Gov't will have unlimited power over our lives and if he gets away with this, they will go after the 2d amendment in my humble opinion.

    In fact, once this is upheld, his dictatorial powers will be firmly in place
    to go after the 1st Amendment as well. he's already attacked private
    citizens that have criticized him on the radio and TV like Hannity, Rush
    and Coulter and even Jim Cramer who just gives out stock info.


    RUSH: There's no "compromise" in his "compromise" here. It's all BS. And the media is perfectly willing to support the notion of Obama having dictatorial powers now because they support them. But this is how, folks, the public is dumbed down. This is how he just hacks away at the First Amendment.

    So Mr. Uber - feel free to continue to sleep away during this.

    On Nov. 14, the Supreme Court granted review (called "certiorari" or "cert") of several petitions arising from the Obamcare mega-case from Florida. This lawsuit was brought by 26 states and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). The case has been renamed NFIB v. Sebelius, and is one for the history books.

    So Mr Uber - where do you want me to get info? You'd
    say the same thing with Freepers or Newsmax or CSN. Those are the sights that brought down Dan Rather.

    You're criticizing the biggest conservative site on the internet. Others here besides me whom I won't name have also used Drudge. Rush, Hannity
    and Coutler have endorsed it as they have been featured on it.

    Bruce Cunningham always blasted me on Scout for reporting from Newsmax
    like you always blast Galen for MSNBC.

    Tell me where to hunt for news and unlike Galen, I'll give it a try.

    I put question marks in the thread's title. I didn't say it was going to happen. I agreed with Spammy about Assault rifles and the points made by
    the other Holder link above are spot on.

    The NRA quote is all over the internet, not just Drudge. Just google it.

    At the top of the thread I stated, think about this:
    I didn't state it as fact. I said it is the liberal agenda and I really
    believe. You don't have to. Nobody has to but I'm just stating my

    It is a well known fact that libbies are for gun control and I'm stating
    my opinion that they want tighter controls and might even do away with
    them altogether.

    It's just an opinion which is what this forum is. It might be the wrong
    opinion and like the fact stated above, they rammed O BUMMER CARE
    down our throats illegally as two federal courts have ruled so who's to
    say they won't try this, especially if OBY gets a couple more justices
    in and they pick up control of congress. Then they will have no prob
    expunging the 2d amendment.

    Why don't you post some threads from your sources and I'll try to
    copy you but all the papers are liberal rags except the WAsh Times as are all the cable news outlets except for FOX which Galen always criticizes like you blast his MSNBC.
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