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    Clint Eastwood's controversial Super Bowl Ad

    This is too funny. Eastwood appears as the narrator of a controversial ad where, as Karl Rove put it, the auto company is tyring to repay OBY and Eastwood says he has no connection to him at all.

    In an appearance on Fox News Monday, GOP political strategist Karl Rove charged that, “The leadership of the auto companies feel they need to do something to repay their political patronage. It is a sign of what happens when you have Chicago-style politics, and the president of the United States and his political minions are, in essence, using our tax dollars to buy corporate advertising.”

    Chrysler's CEO denies any political connection so which is it?

    BTW, Rove is no stranger to dirty politics beating up
    his own candidates like Cain and Newt. Dick Morris has
    a petition on his website to get 1M signatures to get
    the GOP establishment to just stick on the issues.

    O BUMMER is just sitting back and laughing his ass off, while spending tax payer's money on his own campaign.

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    Re: Clint Eastwood's controversial Super Bowl Ad

    Great ad. Even Eastwood, a conservative of libertarian ilk, sees Obama as an effective President and is suggesting another term.

    Sure Rove is pissed. He should be. His horse just got waxed by Santorum tonight and Obama is gaining steam.

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    Re: Clint Eastwood's controversial Super Bowl Ad

    With gas rising to $4 again this summer, OBY will
    be running out of steam really fast not to mention
    millions still unemployed.

    And once again, Galen has his facts mixed up. Rove
    said this before he got waxed and he got waxed
    in the heart land where conservatives are still alive and well.

    Clint isn't exactly Mr. Conservative or
    Libertrarian such as the million dollar baby which
    is about pulling the plug on someone on life support.

    The studio didn't want to make it saying there's not
    much interest in boxing movies. Clint said it's not
    about boxing even though the central characters
    were a female boxer and her coach who was supposed
    to be a conservative but pulled the plug and skipped town.

    Another movie showing the Japs side of the war
    wasn't exactly Mr. Conservative. Like Kostner's
    film that had you rooting for the indians to kill the
    white man, Clint's film had you rooting for the Japs
    to kill the Americans.

    By contrast, JOhn Wayne's films were very
    conservative, especially the one made about the
    Green Berets in Vietnam while Oliver Stone made
    Platoon showing murderous Americans killing
    each other.
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