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    GOOD GRIEF: Oby now blames founding fathers for his failures

    Jimmy Carter said things sure look different once you're in here and it's so hard to keep your campaign promises. At least he was being honest.

    So OBY goes from blaming Bush for all his troubles to blaming the founding fathers for his failures.

    Why would he do that when he completely disregarded the constitution when ramming O BUMMER CARE DOWN
    our throats.

    He's also at odds with the Catholics and Jews - both groups voted for him and speaking of O BUMMER CARE, look at what the soon to be implemented law makes the Catholics do vs their religion that has them so riled up. We told them this would happen and they still voted for him.


    Over the past two weekends thousands of priests read out a letter to their parishes promising that the Church "cannot-and will not comply with this unjust law."

    Read more:

    From Jewish praise to Jewish anger:

    But I know someone in here who will put a positive spin on all this crap.


    See vid for a good laugh.
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