Going to be announced Sat on NFLN at 5:30pm.

Finalists are....

Jerome Bettis - no chance, but he is a Steeler so anything is possible.
Tim Brown - Should already be in
Jack Butler - no clue senior committee guy
Cris Carter - should already be in
Dermontti Dawson - LOOOONG overdue

Edward DeBartolo, Jr p- not a big fan of owners but whatever
Chris Doleman - LOOONG overdue
Kevin Greene - Should be in
Charles Haley - nope
Cortez Kennedy - nope
,Curtis Martin - not yet, should get in over Bettis for that era
Bill Parcells - 1st ballot not happening
Andre Reed - Hall of very good
Willie Roaf - 2nd year not happening
Will Shields - 1st ballot not happening
Dick Stanfel - no clue about him
Aeneas Williams - travesty he isn't in yet

It continues to disgust me how the voters are so stupid they value championships they way they do and keep players who are more than deserving out who don't have any.

This isn't fucking basketball, football has 50 players not 12and championships should be the LAST thing you look at. But time after time when you see someone who should be in that isn't, you can tie it to one thing....championships.

That said Haley who should in no way be in before about 6 other guys on the list will probably get in this year. It is absolutely ridiculous, but these idiot sportswriters will continue to spit on the careers of deserving players just because they weren't lucky enough to be on a great TEAM and win a ring. Or play in a small market that didn't get the press.

This year it does look like a lot of the snubs over the past years will get in though, due to all the first time eligible candidates on the list who have zero chance to get in that early. The bolded would be my 6.