We are going to completely murder the Chargers, if our O can stay on the field for those 8-9 minute drives we have seen from McNair.

Our Defense is sick. Look at rushing yards against us. It is a hell of a lot easier to play defense when you have at least a 2 Td lead. The chargers can't run on us. Nobody can.

If they get lucky and hit a big play or 2 and our offense goes 3 and out the last couple series. That is when we are in trouble.

I don't care if it was emmit smith. Nobody can run on us. So if we get the early lead they will have to rely on philip rivers to beat us.

Not taking anytrhing away from philip but, if we get up 2 td's, I do not believe he can beat the Ravens D.

The only thing holding this defense back is our Offense.

So what if they have the #1 D.

they get up early on people and their opponents have to play catchup. If you want an example of how things can snowball look at the ravens Packers game last year. Or most of the colts games.

The colts werent that great last year. They just got big leads and made teams what...........................One dimensional