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    Linebacking corp.

    I was just wondering what other people thought. It seems to me that we had one of the best tandems ever in Ray, Boulware & Sharper and I was really sorry to see Jamie leave. But now I think that this group of Ray, AD & Bart Scott may actually be better. Ray has a few more years on him now but all in all, with a rejuvenated Ray, AD's versatility, Scott becoming a sackmaster, I think this group may have the edge over that Super Bowl group.

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    Re: Linebacking corp.

    I think its a toss up,this years is definitely more balanced.Ray isnt what he used to be,but AD and BS are more than making up for what little Ray has lost.

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    Re: Linebacking corp.

    Why do we always have so many damn good linebackers?

    Is Ray making them all better than they ordinarily would be without him?

    Do we just scout the position well?

    I don't think it's schematic.

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    Re: Linebacking corp.

    I dont know what is is either,and to think that Scott was undrafted and AD was a 6th rounder makes it even more amazing that we were able to find these guys.Props to Ozzie once again,the man never ceases to amaze me.

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    Re: Linebacking corp.

    This group is no joke.

    I don't understand how/why we've had so many successful LB's.

    Bart Scott is looking like Ray Lewis in his prime. He has been absolutely dominant; nothing short of it. He's everywhere and he's got an intensity that is out of this world.

    AD is the most versatile guy on this team, and possibly in the NFL. He MIGHT be the best defensive player we have, and that is saying A LOT.

    Ray has ACTUALLY returned to old form. He looks great.

    Depth of Cody, Mike Smith, and Stills is very good. Suggs being a bit of a tweener helps also.

    The secondary situation is fantastic, too. CMAC is the best corner in the NFL; I may be a homer but he is the best shut-down corner out there.

    Reed is the best safety and Samari is a hell of a player. Landry has been a stud for a rookie and our depth is very solid.

    This defense is something else, and I haven't even mentioned the most improved part, the D-line. Gregg is pro-bowl caliber, Ngata is doing his job, Pryce is looking elite, and Suggs is an absolute monster.

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    Re: Linebacking corp.

    Ray has been the least impressive of our linebackers so far. And he has played like Ray Lewis. That's one hell of a statement.

    You know who's been playing better than any of them? Kelly Gregg. If you watch, Gregg is the one making those holes that let Scott and Lewis and others get into the backfield to take the handoff before the RB gets to it. Plus, he's getting pressure on his own in the passing game and making tackles at the line in the running game. I have not seen a better defensive tackle this year... the pair in Jacksonville and Jamal Williams of San Diego are the people I would put in Gregg's company.

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    Re: Linebacking corp.

    Quote Originally Posted by LBoogy View Post
    CMAC is the best corner in the NFL; I may be a homer but he is the best shut-down corner out there.
    Maybe if C-MAC learned how to keep his head in the game and stay away from STUPID pass interference calls, I'd agree...He's top level when healthy and mentally on track, otherwise his game can be more of a detriment than an advantage...(Which is why I absolutely cringe at the thought of Chad Williams making him his bitch later this season...:grbac: )


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