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    Re: now that its over

    Quote Originally Posted by steelerhater View Post
    hahahaha! This is funny. Who sounds like a child? What's next, I'm rubber, you're glue....?
    I'm not surprised a hilarious and ironic reference went sailing over your head. Do you want to continue down this tangent? Or do you want to continue to defend the position that since the Ravens didn't fire CC, they don't give a shit if they win or lose.

  2. Re: now that its over

    How about you fellas ( I'm assuming you both are fellas) take this little indifference with each other to the private message function?

    Gonna close this puppy down as there is already a sizable thread debating the pros and cons of keeping Cam Cameron which is basically what this thread has evolved to.
    Will Die A Ravens Fan!!


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