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  1. Ravens sign 2 players to future contracts

    Ravens sign C/G Howard Barbieri (Texans) and ILB Cody Glenn (Colts) per Aaron Wilson.

    Anyone know anything about these guys? I know they're probably just prospects/camp bodies, but we've found some guys off of other teams PS before.

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    Re: Ravens sign 2 players to future contracts

    Just looked up Barberi, NFL Draft scout had him listed as 26 out of 49 C's in last years draft. He's 6-5 304 though. Doesn't look like anything special but you never know. Maybe wicked or one of those guys that follows this stuff alot more can chime in. My guess just a camp body or maybe depth on the line.

    Glenn is pure camp fodder, drafted by the Skins in the 5th, dumped and wound up on the Colts PS. Only played his senior year at Nebraska as a OLB, his whole HS and first 3 years of college he was a FB/RB.

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