I only been a ravens fans since Kyle Boller years and up but i know the ravens dont have a history of good QB's. Let alone not putting weapons or playmakers on offense.

Boller even though this was Billick team was thrown into the fire as a rookie and never got time to develop. Yes we can say Boller is a bust now but we did not know that back than. He wasnt handle well by the ravens.

Steve Mcnair was on the declining side of his career when ravens signed him. Slower, less mobile, arm strength was ok but it got weaker. I didnt like that move to begin with because i knew McNair wasnt the guy that will lead the Ravens to a superbowl win eventhough most thought.

Joe Flacco gets drafted and wins the starting QB job by default over Smith and Boller. He is the best qb the ravens had so we decide to amp up our offense a lil and give him so speed in WR's, draft TE's and spend money on a couple of big name offensive guys.

This is the best offense we had since i became a ravens fan. But they keep a guy who does not coordinate our offensive personel to be above average when this is the best ravens QB and offense we ever had.I now began to question managment on their lack of knowledge on how to groom a qb according to their poor history of handling qbs.