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That hump for the past 4 years has been the offense.. actually it's always been the offense.

To get over the hump we need to score more points. I believe the talent is there, just not sure it's been used effectively.
I disagree with this, the D got smoked by Matt Hasslebeck and Kenny Britt, they got smoked by Tarvaris Jackson and Marshawn Lynch, they gave up a 2 TD lead to Houston, and they're also responsible for getting smoked by Rivers.

I'll give them the Seahawks game because the amount of ST's fumbles put the D in a lot of really tough sitations with a short field, but that Chargers loss and the loss to Tennessee fell mostly because the D couldn't stop the passing game and couldn't get to the QB. If one of those games are a win then there is a distinct possibility that the Ravens host the AFCCG and not New England.