Kindle worked closely with Outside Linebackers Coach Ted Monachino to learn the scheme. He estimated he found a way to retain it about midway through the season.

Instead of just reading the playbook, Kindle started to draw the formations himself and then write in what his responsibilities are on each play, per offensive formation, per route.

“We just tried to find ways for it to stick and we did,” Kindle said. “It just simplified it for me.”

“Sergio has made tremendous progress in his learning of the playbook,” Monachino said.

That would be such a HUGE thing if Kindle could step up and be a legit pass rusher next year. Between he and Kruger, Kindle is much more athletic and could learn to drop into coverage effectively.

Hopefully a full off-season with the team will be a good remedy for him.

If he does turn out to be a good player I hope he remembers the faith that the Ravens organization put in him when it comes time for him to re-sign.