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    Re: Art Modell - HOF Chances may have gotten better!

    If I were one of the other beat writers, I would be looking over my shoulder after this incident. Grossi was a total asshole to set himself up. It wouldn't surprise me that, behind closed doors, Bisciotti may have said to Lerner:"Get this of this douchebag Grossi".

    I wish nothing but bad things for Grossi's career: he is an evil person who got his "come-uppance".

    I agree that Modell's chances went up with the Grossi incident. That would be great for the Modell family, but I still don't see much Baltimore interest in Modell entering the HOF. His contributions to the league, which were substantial, came as Browns owner. I view Modell entering the HOF as somwhat parallel to Byner being on the Ravens Ring of Honor.
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    Re: Art Modell - HOF Chances may have gotten better!

    People really don't understand the process: Grossi spoke up years ago. Since then the rest of the committee doesn't feel Modell is even a good enough candidate to be a finalist. That won't change with Grossi gone. And people need to understand that as a beat writer you can't be tweeting your opinion. That's for columnists. Beat writer is supposed to be about facts only. This was not some plan by Bisciotti and Lerner, that's nonsense.


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