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Thread: Ngata injury?

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    Re: Ngata injury?

    Ngata suffered a thigh injury that was describe as a deep contusion of some sort. Don't recall what game that was but I think it's no coincidence he wasn't the same after that injury. Otherwise why else would he pull out of the probowl?
    As for his weight I was not a big fan of him losing all that weight in the offseason. He's a run stuffer first in my opinion. I would hope he gains back half of it.
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    Re: Ngata injury?

    per Baltimore Sun:

    Defensive tackle Haloti Ngata and safety Ed Reed have become the latest Ravens to pull out of the game, leaving them with four representatives instead of the original number of eight.

    Ngata has been hampered by a thigh injury that didn't force him to miss any games, but team officials believed that it significantly affected his performance down the stretch.,2874095.story

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    Re: Ngata injury?

    Haloti said at the beginning of the year that the weight loss was necessary in his mind to ensure a better quality of life long-term. Family history had something to do with it. I don't blame him, and he looks just fine to me at 330.

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    Re: Ngata injury?

    Quote Originally Posted by BcRaven View Post
    with the $$$ contract he recently signed, many Ravens fans expected more out of him during crunch time. I am one of them... Bc
    And so am I!!! He needs to elevate his game, imho.
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    Re: Ngata injury?

    Considering the pile of money Haloti just received, saying that he's just a run stuffer and would do OK if only he didn't have to deal with all those darned double-teams doesn't cut it.

    Guys who can't pass rush and can only beat single blockers are a dime a dozen. That's basically the definition of a backup or rotation player.

    However put me in the camp that believes Haloti was playing hurt. His game dropped too quickly and too dramatically at roughly the halfway point in the season for it to be something gradual like too much weight loss in the off season.

    Up to that point he was in monster form. He was pass rushing successfully (for a DT). He was beating double teams. He was blowing up plays. He was doing everything we wanted him to do.

    Then suddenly it stopped and reports came out about a bad leg bruise. I think it still hasn't healed. But I believe Haloti will recover and return to beast mode in September.

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    Re: Ngata injury?

    Quote Originally Posted by purplepoe View Post
    Take a look at Green-Ellis' TD run and tell me Ngata isn't hurt.

    This!!!! He got manhandled by Gronkowski who is a te on this running play 1 v 1. He was getting singled more than you people think against NE and did absolutly nothing.

    If he isn't hurt, he just punk'd the Ravens organization.


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