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    Re: Which players/coaches are leaving with Chuck Pagano?

    Quote Originally Posted by JAB1985 View Post
    Why is everyone so down on Ellerbe?
    If Ellerbe goes anywhere, he will go there two steps behind a Patriots' receiver.

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    Re: Which players/coaches are leaving with Chuck Pagano?

    It will be interesting to see if the Ravens place a second round tender on Williams. That would, essentially, welcome other teams to bring him in. They might understand that this could be Williams last year here. Webb will need a contract and Jimmy will get his in a few years.
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    Re: Which players/coaches are leaving with Chuck Pagano?

    Quote Originally Posted by NC Raven View Post
    Agree. Losing JJ and his ability to basically shrink the amount of field the other guys have to worry about would mean significantly altering how the Ravens play defense. JJ doesn't give you the pressure, but teams can't run to his side. Putting a Kruger there basically means we have rushers on both sides, opening up options in the running game for opponents, and more stress on the D overall.

    The more you can shrink the field AND make the other teams' play calling more predictable, the better each man on the D is able to execute. Losing JJ would mean an across-the-board hit to the D, pretty much.

    Then again, with our front, there's an argument to be made that if Kruger can be an effective open field tackler and not get caught overpursuing and seal off the back side of run plays, he helps us on pass rushing downs -- and with the league's emphasis on passing and the prevalance of pass heavy teams especially what we see in the playoffs... certainly makes it an interesting trade-off to ponder.

    But as things are I'd like to see us keep JJ. I think he's more useful to the Ravens scheme than he would be to most other teams, especially a rebuilding team. I think he'd be wasting his talent in Indy for the couple years he has left, but then again, if you only have 2-3 years, lets say, there's a lot to be said for maxing out the dollars before you hang em up. I wouldn't fault him for just taking the biggest paycheck, he's earned that right.
    Wasn't the same thing said when Hartwell, AD and Scott left? How did that work out for them and the Ravens still had good defenses. 1 player doesn't make these defense, not even Ray Lewis. The d balled when Ray was out


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