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    Which players/coaches are leaving with Chuck Pagano?

    I know chuck was a players coach like rex and well respected in the organization. I know some personel will follow him to the colts like when Rex left for Jets.

    Any idea possible players or coaches that would leave with him?

    I know we have a coulple of people on the defensive side like JJ or Jameel McClain that are FA's that could possibly be starters for indy. Nakamura is another.
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    Re: Which players/coaches are leaving with Chuck Pagano?

    who the hell is mcnamara?

    Honestly, most of the players here have just as much ties to Harbaugh as they do to Pagano. I'd imagine most at risk is secondary players, because he was the secondary coach for three years before getting promoted to DC. Lardarius Webb was apparently very emotional regarding Pagano leaving, that could be the first sign of trouble, since he's a free agent (Think he's RFA though, not UFA).

    My guess is that a guy like JJ might go, simply because Ravens will not overpay him. Kruger looks ready to step in at starter, so we're not going to break the bank to retain him. Redding could be another, but McPhee isn't as ready to take over his role, so Ravens may opt to put out the money to retain him.

    For all his talk, not money people willingly left behind more or equal money from the Ravens to go for Rex and the Jets. Bart Scott wasn't going to get as much here, nor was Jim Leonhard. Trevor Pryce was cut. Derrick Mason was cut and no attempt to re-sign was made apparently. I think you'll find, unless the $$ and playing time aren't equal, players are willing to stay here.
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    Re: Which players/coaches are leaving with Chuck Pagano?

    Whoever we end up letting go. I think the obvious player choice would be to remain here, where we have legit superbowl expectations instead of a rebuilding. if we dont want them or dont have room, im sure theyd rather sign there than some other places. JJ and Redding seem to be perfect fits for that description. Guys thatll be to much for us while having youth to step up but would be great guys to change the culture in Indy.

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    Re: Which players/coaches are leaving with Chuck Pagano?

    There is a difference between Pagano and the Colts and Rex and the Jets. These in addition to what is mentioned above:

    1.) The Ravens, while having just made a surprise run, did not have the backing of consistent playoff seasons like they do now. Even if both occurred after AFCCG losses.
    2.) Rex has been with the Ravens a lot longer than Chuck.
    3.) The Jets had just finished 9-7 and would've been better had Favre not broken down in the late part of the season. They had quality there. The Colts are in obvious rebuilding mode after 2-14 and given the state of the roster, may well be two or three years away from being competitive again (depending upon Luck etc).
    4.) Rex's only experience in the NFL except the Ravens was a brief period in Arizona - it was practically all he knew in the NFL. Chuck had stints in Cleveland and Oakland.

    A coach may leave as well as pinching a couple of players the Ravens aren't so bothered about bringing back (a good candidate might be Haruki or Zibby. They may try for JJ or Jameel). I don't think it'll be the same as what occurred with the Jets, though.

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    Re: Which players/coaches are leaving with Chuck Pagano?

    I could legitimately see one of the young safeties, following Pagano to Indianapolis. Yes, Baltimore is a winning organization right now, but I would think that both Nakumura and Zbikowski want to be starters.
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    Re: Which players/coaches are leaving with Chuck Pagano?

    IMO, Pagano wasn't there long enough to form really substantial relationships with any of the players, especially anyone that has been a Raven for more than 2-3 years.

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    Re: Which players/coaches are leaving with Chuck Pagano?

    The only player(s) I could potentially see leaving would be Zibby or Nakamura because they want an opportunity to start.

    Corey Redding played for two terrible franchises for a long time, this is his first year on a winning team IIRC. Why would he want to be anywhere but in Baltimore? His first choice would be to stay.

    I'm kind of on the fence with Jameel McClain. I could see Pags wooing him over to Indy. Jameel did a nice job calling the D when Ray Lewis was out. Considering Indy could use better defensive player they may be more willing to overpay for McClain.

    The one player that some may scratch their heads over with this is Ben Grubbs. I haven't heard anything, but the Colts could probably throw a lot of money at Grubbs, Pags could make that happen, and the Colts desperately need better OL'men. Especially if they plan on taking Andrew Luck.

    Carr and Foxworth could also follow him, but that would only happen after the Ravens released them. So, I don't see those guys as much of a factor because they wouldn't be choosing Pags over the Ravens per se, they would be choosing to go with Pags rather than nowhere.
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