or atleast bring in a coach who runs a 4-3 like Steve Spagnuolo? Im not suggesting they should hire him but i would like to see a coach who can run the 4-3. Chuck may or may not take coaches with him from the ravens staff. and it looks like the ravens could just bring in somebody new all together. I dont what the ravens to get rid of the 3-4 but find a coach who can utilize all our defense of personel which i think is one of the best in the leauge and switch it up week to week according to the game plan.

The Ravens have the players on the team already to run the 4-3. We have tackles that are huge and can take up space in the middle (ngata,cody,Mckinney) we have defensive ends that can get pash rush and play they run ok. (Suggs,Kruger, Redding,Mcphee, Kindle?)

And with an aging Ray Lewis in the Middle this will Free him up more with all the beef up front taken on more blocks in the gaps. Our outside LB's will be faster next year and our young secondary is improving great with Webb turning into a shutdown corner.

I think our passing defense will be better next year with or without ed reed. Webb turning into a lockdown corner takes away one half of the field. I believe our front 7 in a 4-3 base defense could stop the run better than our 3-4 front 7.