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    Re: AFC North predictions for next season

    agree wi OP. Bengals are really tough to figure. I've read a lot of buzz about how Coach Marvin has 'his' players now and has built the team by his standards. we'll see how Dalton goes; will he progress, hit sophomore jinx, or be hurt again?
    can't imagine Pigsburgh wi more than 10 wins next year.
    Brownies might catch fire wi RGIII but probly not.
    have to think Ravens get another 12 wins and Division.
    Baltimore Ravens, 2012 NFL Champions!

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    Re: AFC North predictions for next season

    madmikey - who replaced Casey Hampton? I see him as one of the most critical cogs in that defense.

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    Re: AFC North predictions for next season

    I don't see why we can't go 12-4, We are very good at home and could easily go 8-0 again 6-2 at worst with the superbowl teams being the hardest. The toughest road games are @ Houston and @ Philadelphia.


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